Clint Eastwood Presented Navy Seal Patriot Award

Clint Eastwood was presented the Navy SEAL Foundation Patriot Award last night at the Navy Seal foundation: 2015 Los Angeles Evening of Tribute. The event raised 3.8 million for the Navy SEAL Foundation. We’re all about supporting our military so we tip our hats to Eastwood for everything he has done for our men in uniforms! Hooyah!!!

Photo Credit: Vince Bucci Photography

Here’s some more information on the Navy Seal Foundation:


The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families.

Commitment to Naval Special Warfare and their families

Established to serve U.S. Navy SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, Naval Special Warfare (NSW) support personnel, and their families, the Navy SEAL Foundation provides a comprehensive set of programs specifically designed to reduce the stressors associated with the tremendous amount of uncertainty and pressure that comes with life in Naval Special Warfare (NSW). Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there has been an unprecedented demand for Special Operations Forces around the globe. SEALs spend up to 270 days away from home each year in the most unforgiving environments and training at an unrelenting pace in order to maintain their ability to execute our nation’s toughest military missions. Their commitment to our country and the mission is only possible because of the significant personal sacrifices made by their families.

Our History

Built on an unparalleled legacy and established in 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation is a 501(c)(3),tax exempt, national, non-profit benevolent organization headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. The Foundation is a resolute cornerstone for the Naval Special Warfare community and their families in times of adversity and triumph. We focus on a comprehensive set of programs designed to improve health and welfare, build and enhance resiliency, empower and educate their families, and provide critical support during times of illness, injury, and loss.

Join Us and Preserve Future Generations of Freedom

SEALs continue to take the fight to the enemy in some of the most austere places on the planet. Our nation relies on their strength, resiliency and steadfastness. Never has so much been asked of so few, from so many, for so long. Post 9/11 has been a different kind of war. Because of this unique environment, our SEAL warriors and their families cannot face these challenges alone. Join us in preserving our force and families for future generations of freedom.

Visit the website to learn more:

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