W Magazine’s Royal Celebrities

W magazine’s October, Royals issue features six covers, spotlighting Claire Danes, Julianne Moore, Allison Williams, Adam Driver, Jourdan Dunn, and Greta Gerwig.  

The portfolio, which crowns a classic and a new Royal from the worlds of film, television, fashion, modeling, music and society, features 10 other stars – including  ImanMary J. BligeJamie Lee Curtis and Benicio Del Toro.

Lynn Hirschberg writes: “In the world of W, being royal is about accomplishment, creativity, and a certain flair. It is an earned title rather than an accident of birth; a pedigree born of talent, hard work, and charisma. For our second annual Royals issue, we have brought together a cast that shines in the intertwined fields of Hollywood, society, music, and fashion. In each category, we’ve crowned a classic and a new Royal: two people at different points in their lives who embrace the same standard of greatness and originality in their area of expertise.”

The Royals are:

Claire Danes and Allison Williams  *Classic & New Royalty, Television

Julianne Moore and Greta Gerwig  *Classic & New Royalty, Independent Film

Iman and Jourdan Dunn *Classic & New Royalty, Modeling

Benicio Del Toro and Adam Driver *Classic & New Royalty, Film

Mary J. Blige and Jillian Hervey *Classic & New Royalty, Music

Jamie Lee Curtis and Maika Monroe *Classic & New Royalty, Horror

Anna Sui and Shayne Oliver *Classic & New Royalty, Fashion

Lynn Wyatt and Indre Rockefeller  *Classic & New Royalty, Society

Julianne Moore: “To me, Tom Ford is royalty. I met him when I was nominated for an Oscar. I ’d just had my son, Cal, and I had really big boobs and I didn’t feel like myself. Tom made me a beautiful dress, but I didn’t wear it because I felt like my boobs were too big. He didn’t care, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

Claire Danes: “My parents had no concern about my psychic well-being, and they subjected me to every- and anything in the culture. When I was a teenager, I went to the premiere of Showgirls with my mother. It doesn’t get more inappropriate than that , but I survived . I do think there ’ s something to be said for letting kids decide what they’re ready for and what they aren’t.”

Allison Williams: “I might be the one who has the most sex on Girls. I’m like an old pro now. These actors come on the show and they’ve never had sex scenes, and I’m like, ‘I’ll take care of you, honey. I’ll treat you right.’ It’s weirdly easy at this point: Maybe I should be in 24-hour therapy, working on what real love is and what simulated love is.”


Jourdan Dunn: “I was signed as a model when I was 14, and I didn’t know how to walk in heels. My mom bought me these kind of stripper heels and said, ‘If you can walk in these, you can walk in anything.’ I practiced in my house while doing the dishes so I’d learn to be stable, but, truthfully, I never really learned.”

Photo Credit: Inez and Vinoodh. 

Adam Driver: “I loved being in the Marine Corps. I was there for a little over two years, and I wanted to stay longer, but I got injured. So I came to New York and auditioned for Juilliard. It was very hard to explain my time at Juilliard to my Marine buddies: ‘Yeah, I wear pajamas all the time, and we give birth to ourselves.’ It was hard to justify what we do as actors.”

Mary J. Blige: “The first thing I recorded was an audition tape made in a karaoke booth at the Galleria mall, in Westchester. I sang ‘Caught Up in the Rapture,’ the Anita Baker hit. I wasn’t nervous; I had sung that song in front of the mirror over and over. I sent the tape to only one person: Andre Harrell at Uptown Records. He heard it, came to my house in Yonkers, and said he wanted to make me a star.”

Iman: “When I came to the United States, everyone thought I was Somali royalty. They said, ‘She’s a princess,’ and all that. On my second day here, I met Diana Vreeland, and she looked at my earlobes. ‘I’ve never seen such small earlobes,’ she said. ‘Those are the sign of royalty.’ That stuck with me.”

Benicio del Toro: “Winning an Oscar is almost like a memory before it happens. It’s like real time moving really, really fast. It’s a great honor, but it’s a bizarre experience. It’s sort of like a beautiful sweater that itches a little bit.”

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