TV Stars to Watch

W Magazine revealed their TV Stars to Watch in their August Pop Issue.

W editor in chief Stefano Tonchi discusses the feature in his Editor’s Letter: “Television is enjoying a new golden age thanks to quirky programs that appeal to both sophisticated niche audiences and the global masses. In ‘Ones to Watch,’ we gathered a diverse cast of characters from wildly different shows, including a tech geek, a teen queen, and a zombie slayer.”

Here are the TV Stars to Watch!

Jussie SmollettEmpire

Jussie Smollett -

Jussie Smollett – Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic for W magazine.


Ashley BensonPretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic for W magazine

Ashley Benson – Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic for W magazine

Mindy KalingThe Mindy Project:

“A lot of people say you shouldn’t serialize TV comedy, that you should be able to turn on an episode of, say, Seinfeld, and have it stand on its own,” Kaling says. “But it would be hard to have this woman who wants so badly to change in a show that doesn’t. I want you to keep checking in with these characters.” And there’s still some work to do: The Mindy she plays is shameless, self-centered, and shallow. “She’s one of the worst-behaved female leads in the history of television—and that’s something I’m proud of.” 

Mindy Kaling - Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic for W magazine

Mindy Kaling – Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic for W magazine

Gillian AndersonHannibal

Gillian Anderson, who will be starring in the much-anticipated revival of The X-Files, in addition to NBC’s Hannibal, and the BBC’s The Fall, says: “The challenge is to keep these women out of ScullyEspecially when I’m having equally fearless conversations with other law enforcement officials.” She laughs and admits that reprising the meticulous Scully—whom she inhabited for nine seasons and two films—is a bit like riding a bike. “Somewhere before the first read, it’ll just click into gear.”

Gillian Anderson -

Gillian Anderson – Photo Credit: Pari Dukovic for W magazine

Yolanda Foster:

When she joined the cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the reality program’s third season, Yolanda Foster was expecting to have more than her share of trashy fun. But almost immediately thereafter, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. “I had much more glamorous plans for myself, obviously,” she says with a resigned laugh. Instead, the former model parlayed her celebrity into a platform for greater awareness of the condition. She’s extended her campaign onto Instagram—a tool that’s been kind professionally to both Foster and her daughters, models Gigi and Bella Hadid. “When I was modeling 30 years ago, we didn’t have that,” Foster says. “You went around with your portfolio, begging for jobs. Now, these kids establish themselves on social media and they just run with it.”

Other TV Stars included:

Yolanda FosterThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Derek HoughDancing With the Stars

Jay and Mark Duplass, HBO’s Togetherness

Lauren CohanThe Walking Dead

Thomas MiddleditchSilicon Valley

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